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Open Hand Hospitality is a San Francisco based company founded by Bob Mazer, who brings years of experience as a manager and beverage director at some of San Francisco's most unique and acclaimed restaurants.

Bob's work begins with gaining an intimate understanding of the culture of your business. Systems, training techniques and standards of service are adapted to fit your vision. Every business is different, but the standards of kindness and taking care of those who walk through your doors are constants. The goal is to become an integrated member of your team and create positive change from within.

  • Solutions for problem resolution

    • Guest issue resolution

    • Staff conflict resolution

  • Build out operational service systems

    • Point of sale system setup

    • Training documentation

    • Establish standard operating procedures

    • Reservation book setup

  • Reevaluate existing setups and systems

    • Thoughtful feedback on service with solutions to improve

    • Streamline and improve efficiency

    • Menu structure

    • Beverage program formatting and budgeting

  • Improve communication among staff

    • Build one unified team of front & back of house

  • Hiring advice

    • Maximizing potential of job applicants in difficult market

    • Create thoughtful ad copy for hiring platforms

  • Focused insight for non-traditional F&B operations

    • Food service and hospitality technology

    • Pop-up restaurant optimization and organization

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